Considering each element of your screen-based designs as separate components that can exist elsewhere on a website, outside of the context of your design compositions

Creating responsive websites that allow the user to experience your website in the best and most appropriate way suited to the device they are using.

Building websites. I specialize in front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) but many times I get my hands dirty with some backend. And I love WordPress.

I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs. When I’m not coding or designing, you’ll find me in Karakeeb Makerspace or reading some books.

Front-end developers support the client side of web development and code everything a user sees, clicks on, or otherwise interacts with on a website. I can use a variety of markup languages, front-end development frameworks, and design tools to bring your web designs to life. I have experience in the fundamental web development languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)